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12 September 2023

✨The Secret Your Product Content Stands Out ✨

Content guidelines might sound like a snooze-fest, but they're actually pretty cool. They bring your UX to life and are super important for any product org.

You need a reliable source for UX copy standards. So everyone in your team can be on the same page when writing, editing, or thinking about your product's content. Plus, they're a key part of your design system and brand and can make production smoother while keeping everything consistent.

To begin with:

1. Research competitive analysis

Every smart design project starts with competitive analysis. Check out what's already out there, like Mailchimp and Shopify. See what works and what doesn't, and use that to shape your own ideas. Take the good stuff, ditch the bad, and form a smart opinion on where you should go with your project.

2. User Chats:

Chat it up with the folks who deal with your content daily - designers, PMs, support peeps, and actual users. Get the scoop on what's bugging them about the current content, where they see room for improvement and any pain points they're feeling. Hearing straight from the source really helps us see what's up and figure out where we need to tighten the content rules.

3. Tone of Voice Workshop:

To get everyone on board with the whole voice and tone thing, why not host some interactive workshops? It's a cool way to make folks aware of the importance of having content guidelines. Create 3-4 engaging activities to nail down our ideal vibes – who you are, how you talk, and the personality you want for our product. You can use whiteboards, worksheets, and sticky notes – super visual and easy-peasy. It helped you a lot to spot trends and shape a voice and tone that everyone vibed with.

4. Content Audit:

Ah, the good ol' content audit! It's a bit of a chore, but it's gold for insights. Dive into your design projects and use the Contexa plugin in Figma.

What you get with Contexa:

  • Error-free UX copies: Quickly proofread your writing in Figma by hitting '(Cmd + /)' and typing 'proofread'. Watch as your designs become error-free and impactful in an instant.

  • Consistent terminology for all your UX projects: Knowing your way around UX and tech jargon can boost confidence to engage in design talks, ask questions, and network with ease.

  • A unique and consistent brand voice for all your UX projects: A content style guide keeps our voice, tone, and messaging consistent across all platforms.

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