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1 Mei 2023

How a UX Copy Can Kill a Business

Good UX writing helps create a positive user experience, get more customers, and increase conversions. With the right tools, you can optimize the UX writing process and save time and money.

Why is good UX writing important?

Good UX copy helps users understand, use, and keep using the product. Businesses can improve writing quality by automating tasks like proofreading, copy creation, and term alignment. To make a product's interface easy to use, it should make users find what they want. If the content is too long, customers could get confused, which could result in wrong purchases.

AI solutions, like proofreading tools or copywriting software, can reduce these risks. Write good UX to make your product feel more welcome and increase user retention. Your new users will feel welcome when using your product for the first time. So, businesses can optimize UX writing processes and save time and money.

Current workflow

The typical UX writing processes are costly, long, and high chance of human errors:

  1. Designers write placeholder text in their designs. It helps the UX writer write content that matches the design and guidelines.

  2. The writer use this to craft compelling and accurate copy.

  3. The UX writer reviews all copies with the team to make sure they match the tone of voice and content guidelines.

  4. After this review process, proofreading occurs to make sure grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct.

  5. Put the copies on the design. If it's a multi-language product, translate it.

Not to mention the bigger your company is, the more complex your product will be.

The more UX writers needed, the more effort, and longer timeline needed to produce great and consistent UX copies.

How you can have good and lean UX writing practice

Technology is the right answer to solve the inconsistencies, scalability, and quality problems of UX writing.

Right now, we live in a totally different era. Now all companies can leverage AI to streamline & produce great UX copies.

Contexa, an AI solution for UX teams will help in:

  1. Produce consistent, beautiful, ready-to-use, and localized UX copies in multiple languages. All the designers need to do is write the placeholder and we'll take care the rest.

  2. Automatically proofread all UX copies.

  3. Level up UX writer practice to focus more on strategic levels instead of grunt work.

We offer an extendable 14-day free trial if you provide feedback to us and share us on your Linkedin. Start now for free!

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