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29 September 2023

How Contexa Transformed Fithub's Product Writing Process

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, establishing a robust online presence is paramount for businesses of all sizes. Indonesia's fastest-growing fitness chain, with 60+ centers nationwide, recognized the need to enhance its online presence to stay competitive. To achieve this goal, Fithub understood the importance of delivering exceptional user experiences (UX) to its customers. However, the traditional method of crafting high-quality UX copy presented a major obstacle in their product development journey.

The traditional approach was time-consuming and inefficient, hindering their ability to iterate quickly and experiment with new design ideas. This case study explores how Contexa, a cutting-edge writing tool, played a pivotal role in streamlining Fithub's product writing process, enabling them to design and test faster.

The Challenge: Writing Great Copies in a Time-Consuming Process

Fithub's ambition to strengthen its online presence required rapid product design and development. They were well aware of the critical role UX writing played in creating engaging and effective user interfaces. However, their existing approach to crafting UX copies was cumbersome and inefficient.

The process of starting from scratch and writing content from 0% to 100% completion was not conducive to the fast-paced nature of their business. This posed a significant challenge for Fithub as they sought to innovate and experiment with their digital products.

The Contexa Solution

Contexa emerged as a game-changing solution for Fithub. This innovative writing tool allowed them to write faster and more efficiently. Instead of starting with a blank canvas, Fithub could now leverage Contexa to generate high-quality copy that was nearly 90% complete. This instant content generation feature reshaping their approach to UX writing.

Benefits of Contexa for Fithub

  • Accelerated Product Development: With Contexa, Fithub could rapidly generate UX copy, saving them precious time in the product development cycle. By eliminating the need to edit and proofread the content, they could focus on refining and testing their designs more swiftly.

  • Enhanced Experimentation: The newfound efficiency in writing enabled Fithub to conduct more experiments and iterate on their digital products. This agility was crucial in responding to customer feedback and market trends promptly.

  • Divergent Thinking Support: During the ideation phase, Contexa proved to be an invaluable tool for Fithub. It provided multiple copy options instantly, allowing their creative team to explore different directions. Contexa also provides features to set tone of voice that is relevant to Fithub’s brand.

They could then focus on final polishing and refining the last 10% of the content, saving them from the time-consuming task of generating initial ideas from scratch.

Quotes from Fithub's UX Manager

Rezza, Fithub's UX Manager, expressed the profound impact of Contexa on their product development process, stating,

“Contexa helps us to design and test faster by removing 90% of the time needed to write UX copies." 

About Contexa

Contexa is an advanced AI-powered writing tool with a mission to empower writers in their writing journey. Rather than getting bogged down in extensive writing and proofreading tasks, UX writers can now dedicate their time to concentrate on strategic tasks. In line with this mission, Contexa provides a range of features designed to enhance the writing process.

Are you in search of writing tools that can elevate your brand's content? Look no further than Contexa, and experience its capabilities for yourself for free!

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